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When you are: October 2008

27 October 2008

An unfamiliar feeling returns

I've had a funny day, having been called out by work just after midnight last night and still being on the call at 6 o'clock this morning, the day's been turned on its head. But i's not work itself that this is about, oh no. It's what feelings having been up all night brought about, and how it matched a very unique situation.

Let's start off with this morning. Having been on the call until 6 o'clock this morning meant I got no sleep last night, so was on the back foot already this morning. I had to take the car in for its service today, so I drove it through and arranged to leave it there until tomorrow - there was no way I was driving that distance again today. Due to roadworks I missed the courtesy bus into town so had to get a service bus, which in turn meant I missed my train home, having to resort to the bus.

But while I was on the bus on the way into town I was watching everyone getting on and going to work. Those with regular days, having just got up, dressed, coffee. And I started feeling a little isolated, that this wasn't my day any more, that I didn't fit the normal demographic for that bus.

And while I waited for the next one again I watched everyone passing by, with the same isolation.

I've been out of synch before, lots of times, but never to the extent of feeling a little isolated. On holiday, jet-lagged, working shifts, sure it happens frequently. I guess today it came from an unplanned event that just came out of the blue, although not to be totally unexpected.

This feeling of isolation in a "normal" world has hit me only once before. Then I felt I had no control over what was happening, that the world had somehow carried on while locally it had paused. I remember watching people going about their normal business and not being part of it; Being in a situation that wasn't wholly unexpected apart from the timing. The recollection of then, unlike now, was not knowing what was on the other side, not knowing when normality (if there ever would be such a thing) would return. At least today I know I'll go to bed about the same time and get up and go to work tomorrow as normal. But then I didn't.

So when was that?

The night before my son was born.

So thanks to being called out last night I have had the chance to experience a similar wave of feeling I had that was present at the birth of my boy. And while the two situations are wholly incomparable it did take me back, back to a place where the expectation of what was coming was an unknown, that something was about to happen that was absolutely unique to us, when I was walking the corridors with those passing by not knowing that it wasn't a normal walk.

Isolation. It can be a funny place.

16 October 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Is it Christmas already??

Oh, no, my mistake! On Monday of this week (13th October) The Dome on George Street in Edinburgh had its first batch of Christmas decorations up. And by Wednesday all the outside pillars were wrapped. So is it really too early? Well, a couple of years ago they had them up over the last weekend in September! Still, BBC Newsround viewers think it's too early - and they are the kids!

Give it a couple of months and I'll think about revisiting the topic.

13 October 2008

No more excuses!

We have reached a point where we are about to run out o excuses. Or rather MOTS is about to run out of excuses. Whenever the wee fella is grumpy, or flushed, or gumming down, “it’s his teeth”. Well, not for much longer.

I’ve used the same dentist for almost 12 years now, and when he went private I stayed with him, even though my clean and polish went from under £20 every six months to £17 every month. But I trust him, more so than any other dentist I’ve had. Including the one I had when I was a student – I needed 2 fillings the last time I saw him, but I missed an appointment so never went back knowing I’d get stung. Anyway, that was in 1994, and to this day I have not had those fillings done. Since my current dentist took me on in January 1997 I have had 3 fillings done – all of which were replacements of old, crumbling ones.

And he’s really handy for me, just two doors away from work. Even when I worked across town I stayed put, the inconvenience was far outweighed by the dentist himself. Location is really handy for our new routine, which we have pretty much got sewn up. As MOTS is off work on a Thursday she comes through with the little fella, parks up in my work’s car park, we head round and have a double appointment. I go first, check, scale, polish, all the while with a very interested audience. Then comes appointment number 2. Thursday saw the third time we’d gone through this, and the third time that all went well. Only this time was a bit more notable.

In went the little fingers to have a feel and a count. Slightly ajar went the mouth. “D to D – all there”. “Can we have a better look?”. And the mouth opens a bit more. “E to E – all there”. Out came the mirror, in went the mirror. And after a really good look at all four corners came the praise. The dentist was very pleased with just how much he’d seen, or rather been allowed to see. Including all the molars, nothing else to come through! With the molars coming through at an average of 2.5 to 3 years he’s a little early. That’s why it’s an average, not a rule. So we did get the advice that his adult teeth might come through earlier too – might, not will.

The fact that his teeth are all through was overshadowed by his superb behaviour. I am so proud that he was well behaved that I haven’t really noticed that there was some news in there too. And he was proud at getting a sticker, too!

Just one advisory, the last molar still has gum over it, so almost there. Which explains the recent gumming, rosy cheek etc. Which all leads to the excuses that MOTS uses drying up shortly.

03 October 2008

Supermarket Sweep

"Next time you're at the checkout and you hear the beep - think of the fun you could be having on Supermarket Sweep!"

There's no apology here to Dale Winton (or ITV) for the blatant theft of the tagline from the cheesy daytime TV show, because let's face it - when was the last time you bought a giant inflatable banana?

Just how many taglines can I squeeze into this post?

There's more reasons why I sit here writing this post other than poking fun at daytime telly. And one of those is the trip on Tuesday night to our "corner shop" - which just so happens to be one of the big supermarkets.

After a stormy shop - we had no idea what we wanted for tea, only I wanted to try something new today - we headed to the checkout. We use the self-scan checkouts to get through quicker, so when the boy started passing up items from the trolley for MOTS to scan it was helping speed things up further. Further speed was gained when the boy started wafting items over the scanner himself, successfully getting them recognised. Every little helps when you're trying to make up time, and he certainly did help!

With escalating food prices we are taking advantage of a number of food offers, so we spend a little.

Live a lot in the supermarket? You bet we do, given the boy was well versed with the operating procedures of the checkout!

Right, how many supermarket taglines did we get in there? Answers in the comments, please!

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