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When you are: February 2009

13 February 2009

Throw me an Olive Branch

MOTS and I have been trying to meet up for lunch once a week for some time, so ensure tow things happen - firstly that we get away from our desks at least once a week, and secondly to snatch a bit of us time for ourselves.

We don't always make it, but when we do the various conversations tend to end up with one inevitable question.

It's a couple of weeks ago now, but we had lunch at The Olive Branch Bistro, extended into a half day off work and a lazy afternoon, again something we're going to try and do every once in a while.

So for these longer lunches MOTS looks at 5pm.co.uk to try and get a good deal, and thanks to the recommendation from Mr FilmFoodstalker. And the last one, as I said, was at the Olive Branch.

So over a lovely lunch, and a nice glass of white, the conversation was turned inevitably, as it always does, by MOTS...

I wonder how our boy's getting on, I hope he's OK

So during the only real "us" time we get this always crops up. Now I'm no sensitive soul, but I had to ask the question anyway.
So when we're having the only "us" time we can get, how come you always wonder how he's doing? Do I bore you that much...?

Clearly the answer is yes, but I was really taken with the answer.
Because when I look at you I see him

I was totally shot down in flames. Even now I'm moved by that. It wasn't just on the appearance this was conveyed, so it really threw me.

When there was the slightest hint of frustration I was thrown an olive branch. Appropriate for where we were!

11 February 2009


Beckham? Gazza? Or just plain old Shilton?

Whoever your England star of choice is, era is, or position is, then it's just not going to happen with the boy. He's a Jock (no labrador / poodle quips from the Stevensons) so he's not likely to grace a white shirt. More blue.

The point is, he's started football training.

We're four weeks in now, and our Socatots sessions are starting to go just fine. I was warned by MOTS that until he'd settled in there would be some difficult times, and she was right, as usual (just don't admit that to her).

Week 1

A venture into the unknown. So let's weight this up, shall we? He's the only one there without an official kit, because all the other kids had done the previous classes, and we get ours at the end of the session. Not bothered by that, but we do seemed bothered by the size of the hall. A little tearful and clingy at times, and shouting for Mummy a lot (she was outside in the cafe waiting for us). But, with the parachute at the end, a familiar friend from Tumbletots, he ended on a high. So that's the difficult one over with then, it gets easier. I hope.

Week 1

Back into the lions den. Fully kitted out this week, and feeling part of a team. Fantastic! Much better at running about, and about half way through the 45 minute session I gave up on trying to follow the instructor's directions and just let the boy do his own thing - as long as it vaguely resembled what we were supposed to be doing. The main problem this week was just starting to get across what we should be doing in time to stop. Once I had realised this was sending a mixed message and stopped him enjoying doing related things, then we had a much better time. And then he went and lead the charge with the parachute at the end!!

Week 3

An early bath. He wasn't in a good frame of mind this morning, a bit peaky and off colour. So 10 minutes in I realised it just wasn't going to happen. I'm not sure if it was the "want water - don't want it" or the lying down at the back of the hall face down, but an early bath sorted it out. Dreading next week, hope this isn't a "not keen on this game".

Week 3

Cup final replay. Or so it felt, given last week. But... not one episode of being clingy, no tears, and constantly on teh go. Mostly kicking cones over that were being used by other kids, but on the go. Fully enjoyed the whole session, including the clearing up. Can't wait to be back next week! And a very well deserved coffee in Starbucks to follow, the remainder of the day was great too! I had the best day so far with him, it was magic!

Four very different weeks, I'm not sure I can cope with the inconsistency. But if we tend towards last Sunday, that will do me just fine!

06 February 2009

The Three Cs

It's normally the three Rs at school, but we're not at school yet so we're working on the three Cs.

Each C has been of some significance this week or two, with differing levels of pride, or embarrassment!

C1: Colours

Our first C came last week, with colours. The boy has some plastic crockery and cutlery from IKEA, which comes in 6 of everything, and 6 different colours. Each set of plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoon can be colour coordinated. We never have.

One evening last week, however, we realised it had to start. With a blue plate and a green fork not being acceptable the boy climbed down from the table (now unable to see the plate) and headed to the cupboard where his things are kept. Out came most things during a mini-strop, and he returned carrying his blue fork, leaving his frustration behind. So not only was he not happy at the colours being different, he remembers which one he had, and what item he was replacing.

Since then we have gone from offering two colours of something (eg blue and red cup with teh blue plate) and we've always been told he wants to coordinate. So that's us then, colour coordinating it must be. Laura Ashley wallpaper next, then?

C2: Counting

This one came a bit from left-field, but it shouldn't have been a surprise really given I nearly always count the stairs on the way up them - even from him being a tiny baby. But, the other evening while messing about on our bed, "one-two-three" with rough & tumbles following, for some reason I paused after two, possibly to get some sort of reaction. I don't know what reaction I was expecting, but I got "three". Surprised, I looked at MOTS who was looking back at me, both saying the same thing without any verbal communication. "Did he just say three?" While this silent conversation took place, another verbal one started: "Vun, toooo". OK, I was impressed on two counts (no pun intended) - firstly the counting, its the first time he's done anything other than a single number, and secondly the hidden message in there, the "get on with it Daddy" given I had stopped due to being in awe at the first "three".

C3: Clothing

We had a head dropping moment one evening last week when picking him up from nursery. "I only turned around for two minutes" it started. Oh, what now? "And there was two of them with just their t-shirts on, trousers and nappies off". The exhibitionism starts - Mr Filmstalker will be proud!

And it continued... On Friday in the local soft play cafe, he emerged with nappy in one hand and trousers in the other. "We've all seen it before" reassured one mum sat just behind me. "He's not mine" I declared, "because if he was his t-shirt would be off too, in his left arm and being swung around his head!"

It was repeated on Sunday in the same place, but we saw it was a direct copy of a much older boy having done it. And way too old to be doing that, but with no parental supervision to keep it in check. Anyway, ours started the copying, fingers in the side of the trousers, looking out and smiling cheekily waiting for that "OK" from us. "NO". So off he went a little deeper in. And that looking for approval, not getting it, and stepping back continued until he gave up. Then, 5 minutes later, he emerged with nappy in one hand and trousers in the other. But he was smiling so cheekily...

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