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When you are: April 2009

16 April 2009

The Spanish Inquisition

We know that going back to see Vicki & Steve at Holestone Moor this year will be a last in some respects. Out of school holiday times may get one more shot, but we're probably on the last trip without the constant "are we nearly there yet" all the way down.

And while we've been worrying about a future event, we've taken our eye off the ball and let in others...

I rang home as usual this morning to see if everything was OK and to chat to my boy. Who, incidentally, had been driving his mother nuts this morning as he's never shut up from getting up.

We have a long list of favourite words and sentences. Some extracted from The Spanish Inquisition:

  • "Sit down, Daddy"

This is preceded by one of the following two items:

  • Puppies, please
A request to watch Oliver & Company. As I type we're onto viewing number 4 today. This can be anything from a polite request to a firm order. Sir, yes sir!
  • Milk, please
This is a nice and polite one, at the end of the day before bedtime his glass of milk arrives. Though where he gets his manners from I don't know.

And many many others. But these two have made a rapid and unexpected ascent up the charts:

  • "What you doing?"

  • "What's that?"

It's OK having one or the other, but when one is followed by the other, particularly when one is having a little "private time" on the lav, things can get a bit tricky when the questioning just continues.

Oh, it's started, prepare for the onslaught. Hopefully we will make the journey with no awkward questions. Here's being optimistic! It has to begin sometime, this is what we signed up for!

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