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When you are: June 2009

22 June 2009

Budding Jimmy B Fan?

Who's funeral is this?
I think we have a budding Jimmy B fan living with us. Personally I'm a bigger fan of the older Bonds rather than the newer ones having lost my way with Pierce Brosnan's era. OK, I'm like a lot of Bond "fans", whereby the best bond is the one they grew up with. For me that was Roger Moore, but I do prefer the previous, even if I don't agree with Sir Sean's politics.

So what has Roger Moore's influence got that can tie in:

  1. Father's Day
  2. Gene Hunt
  3. Wings
  4. Jimmy B
  5. Mike Myers

Now there's a list of things to fry your noodle. But our boy managed the association!

Father's Day

Yesterday was Father's Day (so a happy father's day to dads out there). The timing of the incident was rooted into the reason it came about in the first place. It is all tied in with the Father's Day present I got from my boy.

Gene Hunt

1973, a DCI in Manchester who is far from politically correct. Sam Tyler's guv'nor. Sam who had been in a car accident in 2006 and woken up in 1973. Yes, the hit BBC show Life on Mars. This was my present - the soundtrack to Life on Mars. So far so good?


At the end of each episode there was a different track played while the credits rolled, as well as tracks played in among the episode. Live and Let Die, of Paul McCartney & Wings creation, was one track.

Jimmy B

And the aforementioned track was also the title track from the Jimmy B film bearing the same name. Right, sorted. Do you see it now? So did my boy.

Mike Myers

Well, not exactly. That wasn't quite the film he associated, but it's the one I did. And he will. Until then, we get to Mike Myers how exactly?

As this track started on the car's CD player, we heard from the back:

Shrek, sad

Eh? Ahh, yes, Shrek the Third - the opening bars to Live and Let Die is used early on in the film when the King is dying. "Shrek, sad". Of course, why couldn't I link that?

Because I haven't seen "Baby Shrek" a million times over the last week, that's why!

Both MOTS and I were really impressed with the association, far more than my poor attempt at trying to link everything here. Already he's outdoing me, and I really don't mind - in fact I'm so pleased.

And that Father's Day present was priceless!

17 June 2009

He drove the fastest milk cart in the west

That sounds suspiciously like a Benny Hill track - and you'd be right for thinking that. That's Ernie, and that's the next bad lead-in to the latest news.

Not a milk cart in sight
Ernie has come up trumps and let us know yesterday. Not the milk cart driving one, but the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment one. Yes, the fella's premium bonds have come up!

Not enough to buy that private island we had our eye on, but a small sum nonetheless. A whole £25, the new minimum prize. Still, it'll go towards his university drinking fund, hopefully by then it'll be enough to buy him a pint!

14 June 2009


We have a common saying at the moment, and that is triggered by a visual cue. That is a vapour trail, 2 or four of them depending on how many engines are producing them, resulting in the phrase

Plane in the sky!

And more recently we have been waving at the pilots, like the train drivers, but from 37,000 feet it's a bit difficult for them to see or be seen.

This has triggered us into looking for cheap flights. Where? Anywhere. But first option was to Luton to see the Leathams, but we have quickly discovered that there is no such thing as a cheap airline. I knew the "taxes" these so-called airlines add on are nothing more than reducing the headline fare by adding more in as "tax", which HM Treasury does not get, but the extent to which is unbelievable. So we are struggling to find a decent option to fly.

But that doesn't stop the aspirations. Or the waving at the pilots.

Now Daddy has his moments, and driving past EDI this afternoon was one of them. We had no time constraints, nowhere to be, nobody to see. So we pulled off the A8 and into the Royal Highland Showground's car park, right next to the perimeter fence of the airfield, alongside three other cars there for the spotting.

Our timing was fantastic. There was almost a queue building up for take-off. Within the 20 minutes or so we were there we had around 10 flights - skewed slightly towards departures than arrivals.

And we waved at every one.

None waved back. Except one. The first plane that passed us, too. On taxi towards the end of the runway both pilot and co-pilot waved back at our little plane spotter. I still haven't worked out who was most chuffed about it - any one of 3 of us I guess!

So in our quest to find a flight, we have made a decision on airline:

bmi baby.jpg
Plane on the taxi
Wave to the pilot

  • Globespan - only arriving, two non-wavers
  • BMI - only arriving, one non-waver
  • EasyJet - Both arriving and departing, all non-wavers
  • Jet2 - Miserbale Yorkshiremen wi t' monk on
  • BMI Baby - only one departing - all wavers!

So in this deep recession, where competition for any business is fierce, we hereby declare that our next flight will be with BMI Baby as their flight decks are manned by real human beings who know that their arms aren't just for pressing buttons and doing pre-flight checklists, or flicking through flight charts or calling for trolley dolly service, but for raising them up and remembering their spotting fans just at the other side of the fence.

And with no better reason than that, our boy's happy!

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