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When you are: July 2009

21 July 2009

Sleeping arrangements to change

It's going to be all change on the sleeping arrangement front very shortly. Which has some far reaching consequences, some of which will impact beyond the immediate family.

We're talking about the arrival of the big boy's bed!

At almost 3 and still in a cot we have to wonder why that is, and look no further than the mirror. Well, I have to look in the mirror, MOTS only has to look at me. When boy wonder first learned to climb out of his cot (silently at that) he got the appropriate response - put back in bed so MOTS and I could enjoy our Sunday lunch soup. That was the softly-softly warning. By the third climb out the rapid response unit was deployed to rush upstairs and sort out the potential flashpoint. The fourth climb out resulted in the SWAT team being sent up. The fear of the SWAT team has meant he's never climbed out again without his parole officer sanctioning it first! Now all he does is climb in to the cot, usually when it's used as a time-out area.

So is he ready for a big bed?

He has no trouble at all sleeping in his ready-bed when we are away. So in the containment sense, no worries there. He was a very still sleeper for a short time (a couple of months) but has regressed to being a wriggler, usually ending up in some positions from an advanced Yoga class.

We have had our eye on a Stompa setup for over a year now, but their prices have shot up some 50% in that time. We have found a very similar alternative for the original ball-park price, so have ordered his new bed. A mid-sleeper suitable for ages 6 upwards (or 5, depending on which retailer and specific model you look at). so here we are, making the jump from cot direct to big bed. BIG bed. No junior size in the middle, which defeats the purpose of getting a cotbed in the first place, but we think he's going to love his new one. Or so we hope.

And onto the alternative arrangements...

The built-in wardrobes are as much use as a second hand Pampers, so they are going. Which means some wall removals, joinery, plastering, more joinery, painting, carpets - all to get some better free-standing garment hangers from IKEA. The ideal would be to fit out the first bedroom, move boy wonder in there, then do the other. Tight timescales means that won't happen in the desired order, but the room changes are going to happen. Don't know where, don't know when, but I know they'll change again.

Which ultimately means a juggle of rooms. What is currently a guest room will be boy wonder's bedroom, what is currently a nursery will become the multi-purpose room with futon moved in (bye-bye full sized bed) along with the ever-increasing number of toys. The sacrifice has been the dedicated guest room, a luxury of space that can't be justified any more for the little use it gets. It must be made to work for us, not visitors.

There will be sleepless nights again, that's a certainty. But on the flip-side I am looking forward to not having to get him up, and to the early morning visits that we should already be having.

08 July 2009

Baby's first...full dressing

There's always been a little help in the dressing department, well "always" feels like it but it's not really. We've had help with putting clothes on, more success at taking them off, but tonight was a first full bedtime dressing on his own!

There's always been a little help in the dressing department, well "always" feels like it but it's not really. We've had help with putting clothes on, more success at taking them off, but tonight was a first full bedtime dressing on his own!

It certainly beats chaisng him into soft play areas searching for missing socks! Honestly, they get removed nearly every opportunity. When others are doing it we're on a losing battle (I'm amazed by how many parents let their kids in with no socks on, not even wearing them to the place...), but if he's the only one we can normally contain it. And by contain I mean one of two things:

  1. he carries them with him
  2. he leaves them at the bottom of a slide

And there is the clue. He removes them to walk back up the slide - extra grip you see. Now that he worked out all on his own. And something I wish he hadn't.

So when the time came that both PJ top and PJ bottoms were put on without any help from MOTS or myself, it was a special moment, one where I could look back and reflect on the removals of the past (have I mentioned the almost nakedness in soft play cafes before??) and realise he can help as well an hinder.

And on the same night we expand our knowledge of the book "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". It's great, it's all about repetition. It's great, it's all about repetition. So when the words come from him as we read it (careful not to miss anything now...) we know full well it's being taken in. Which makes us think his first theatre trip will be a success - to see the stage version of this classic book, with the Gents for company.

Watch out JG, he ends up under the covers at the end!!

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