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When you are: February 2010

17 February 2010

Not mines!

Boy wonder is saying "not mines" when he's seen something that isn't his. And tonight, when looking in the Cow & Gate envelope MOTS got from them after registering with their website and finding the soft C&G cow he said "not mines". That's baby's. And went over to MOTS and put the cow on her tummy.

The family wagon rolls into town (not yet...)

Finally, after months of trying not to make any rash decisions like we usually do with buying cars, we have our new family wagon on order. Delivery is a few weeks away yet, and while I wait for a confirmed date I'm thinking about the other unconfirmed date that is also looming. I just hope the first delivery is as smooth as the second delivery should be.

Anyway, more details to follow when our new Sunderland built truck actually exists in a form more substantial than the few pieces of paper in which it currently does.

Like a sad old and dated song from 1986

I was horrified when I saw the year - that's almost a quarter of a century ago! Not the point though, the point is like Europe's hit, from 1986, which went to number 1 in 25 countries, it's the Final Countdown.

It's MOTS' last day at work today, so good luck to her trying to avoid blubbering too much over lunch. As we discussed this morning - when I say "discussed" I mean me pointing it out and MOTS trying everything to avoid accepting my proposition - today marks the last major event before number 2 arrives. So, if you haven't voted yet, DO IT NOW before MOTS is officially full term (on Friday).

11 February 2010

Off to bed then?

Number 2 arrives sometime in the next 5 weeks or so, we have an absolute deadline but it could be any time before then. With the time since Christmas this has been a bit long for Wrinklies to go without a fix on first grandchild, so we've invited them up for a visit to squeeze only last one in as "grandparents of one".

Just up, Granny & Grandpa. All kicked off from the weekend before, there was I on the lounge floor with boy wonder playing his bus counting game. There are 4 players, each with a big bus. She can't remember it (must be age) but Granny played it with us at Christmas. The buses got laid out. The yellow bus was laid for Granny - "Granny's bus". That's right, that's the bus Granny played with. And there, just before 8am, we got "Granny coming in my house". That night, the deal was done. With a phone call at tea-time, I asked him what he asked that morning - and it was said again. A whole fun-filled day in between and he hadn't forgotten, just asked Granny to come in my house again, without any prompting. "When", now that was a question he wouldn't really know, so that was prompted - "weekend".

All this asking and visiting took its tool, and he was rather tired. So when we did the bedtime routine out of normal order and came downstairs for saying goodnight I thought we were in for a rough time to get him to bed. Saying goodnight to each in turn, parents and Wrinklies were all sat down, with boy wonder going to each. And with a final "bedtime" off he went, opening the lounge door, going upstairs, into bed and snuggling down on his own.

OK, what's wrong? Like they say on BBC's "The Real Hustle", "If it looks too good to be true, it probably is". Suspecting a scam I went upstairs to investigate. I was met with a level of hostility - there, in his bed, was the wee fella. Reading light on, sat with a book. Turning, he pointed to me and shouted "Stay there!". And with a request to leave him alone, I closed the door again and returned downstairs to "In It to Win It".

10 February 2010

Baby's first…Homework

Boy wonder got his first homework from school the weekend before last. And like this post, it was late.

Adventure Ted and his bag of goodies came home from school on the Friday morning. In the bag was:

  • Instructions for what Adventure Ted likes to do
  • A form to complete for where we had taken Adventure Ted
  • A blank sheet of paper for a drawing of Adventure Ted's weekend
  • Pencils for said drawing

Oh, and the man himself, Adventure Ted!

The brief was simple. Take Adventure Ted all weekend, make him feel special, and he likes going out for a walk too. So take him out for a walk, talk about the environment (ie where you are rather than the amount of CO2 the average Range Rover Sport pumps out in contrast to how badly the brakes work on the Toyota Prius), draw something about your walk, pick something up from the walk, talk about the walk back at school. Fantastic, easy peasy.

With so much outdoors stuff to do nearby we decided on boats, and lots of them. We picked something up. We drew boats when we got home. MOTS filled the form out. And on Monday morning Adventure Ted went to nursery.

And on Monday night, Adventure Ted was still at nursery. Oops. Never mind, he can go in tomorrow. Only he forgot again. He wasn't there on Wednesday night, so a success at last.

Thursday, and MOTS gets to go to school. No sign of Adventure Ted at drop-off time, the teacher is worrying for his safety and is about to scramble the RAF on a search mission. Perhaps he's in the old classroom? Then, at pick-up, it's confirmed - Adventure Ted is AWOL. MOTS has an idea, just as the second "9" is being depressed on the telephone - WAIT - let's ask. "Where's Adventure Ted?" And off went boy wonder, round the back of a sofa in the classroom, where Adventure Ted was first brought out from, and pulled him out. "Here he is".

While his homework, by the time the chat was done on Friday, was 4 days late we now fear that his future educational card is marked. Either that, or he's marked down as some sort of St Bernard, and must now wear a flask of brandy round his neck whenever he goes to school. Just like I did, but that was purely for recreational purposes!

09 February 2010

The world's most ridiculous question

I was being quizzed yesterday over MOTS' due date. "Is that a definite?"

It's definitely due then, sure. Whether it arrives then is a whole other question. And this from a father of 2!

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