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When you are: May 2010

31 May 2010

l'auto est arrivée

Well it does have French family after all. Besides, Japanese isn't my best subject.

Yes, Squishy is being picked up as this post goes live. And any second now the timer will stop, and I'll remove it later.

24 May 2010

[2] Baby's first...Jabs

Here I talked about Big Bruv's first jabs. Today the Little Bruv had his. A similar response to last time from the tiny one, MOTS was 100% fine (so completely different), and for me - same old same old, no beer!

Apart from that, nothing changes, the opinions regarding vaccines for number one apply equally for number two. And as the last post was quite long compared to this one, is it a sign of things to come - all shiny and new for when milestones are hit the first time, and non-events when they are hit the second time? Hmm, hope not, for the little one's sake at least!

18 May 2010

When is 43% not forty three percent?

The delivery of the Sunderwagon is getting closer so I'm looking at how I'm going to get to the dealer to pick it up. It's going to be a 2 hour train ride which I'm really looking forward to (iPod, tea, biscuits, peace and quiet) so I have been looking at advanced fares as I hope to get 5 days notice of the pickup. And I must say this has told me thetrainline needs a lesson on simple mathematics, which I hope Snoopy will help me out on.

"Save on average 43%" claim thetrainline on their adverts - TV, print, website. So let's have a look at what that actually means. In the not so small print the calculation is made on advanced fares purchased through them versus walk-on fares purchased on the day. Ahh, chalk and cheese then.

Let's start comparing like for like to get a true picture shall we? I have looked at an advanced First Class single (and to be sure of a true comparison I have made sure the SAME ticket is being compared for the SAME train with the SAME restrictions) across the following outlets:
East Coast website - £20, no fees
CrossCountry website - £20, no fees
At the station - £20, no fees
ScotRail website - £20, no fees
thetrainline.com - £20 + £1 compulsory booking fee + £3.50 credit card fee = £24.50 (22.5% more, more not saving)

Hmm, pray tell why I would even contemplate thetrainline? Shame, I used to use them a lot when I travelled by train for more than commuting.

Just for the sake of it, let's do the comparison by their methods:
At the station, walk-on fare bought on the day - £37.50, no fees
thetrainline.com - £20 + £1 + £3.50 = £24.50 - £13 or 35% saving
thetrainline.com - £20 + £1 = £21.00 - £16.50 or 44% saving if not using a credit card, if not buying on the day, if not travelling with your back to the sun, if not travelling on a day ending in a "y"...

Dubious. Very dubious. I might lodge a note with the ASA just for the sport!

Ticket to be purchased at the station in advance, with a credit card, and the "saving" I make over not using thetrainline will go on fish & chips for lunch on the way home. And a valet when MOTS whines at me for ditching the wrapper in the passenger footwell!

When is 43% not forty three percent? When it's quoted by thetrainline.com

14 May 2010

Sunderwagon soon

New date for the new Sunderwagon to arrive - May 28th @ dealer. Not long now, eh Ethel?

PS - New countdown going to expected delivery... seen it yet?

Sleep for the dentist - proud of both boys

Last night I was so proud of both my boys. I've already mentioned that the wee fella slept through last night, but the big fella also had his moment.

It was dentist day yesterday. That's a family outing, as the dentist is close to Daddy's work. MOTS brings him through and we have a double appointment. New challenge yesterday though, pick him up from school then come through. AND having the wee fella too.

But, in true fashion, MOTS did fantastic, getting to my work in good time for a slow stroll and short wait.

Once inside the routine is the same. I go first, with MOTS & number 1 sat on the sofa in the exam room with us. That way he can see, hear and take in what's going on. Then it's his turn, sat on Daddy's knee. And we have never had any problem at all. But last night we had some changes to the routine.

First off, I needed an x-ray. So that was the rest of the family bundled outside while the radiation was blasted through my mouth. No drama there, just took it in his stride.

Secondly, after my teeth were polished, he's saying "my turn". And after MOTS asked about going on Daddy's knee he opted to go in the chair on his own. He sat back, got a bib, leant forward for the chain to be put under his neck (without being asked). And as the dentist started asking "open your...." as he turned towards him, oh, your mouth is already open. So not only did the dentist get a good look, he also tried a quick polish (successfully). And the feedback he got was glowing - about 50/50 will get this far, getting the polish tried at this stage is very rare.

And then he reached for the cup of water. Well, Daddy had rinsed, and so was he going to. He'd watched every last thing that was going on and wanted to copy it to the last detail. I'm so pleased that after a few visits he's happy to go there (truth be told, when MOTS told him they were going to see Daddy he was not happy, when she said they were going to the dentist he got excited), happy to be examined, now happy for a bit of polish, and very cooperative in the chair.

[2] Baby's first...smile etc

Here he is at 8 weeks old and had a massive amount of development going on. And here I am with hardly any time to fire the PC up and record it, which is a shame because MOTS has started looking back at where number 1 was with his development. So, finger out time...

The health visitor has stopped coming, she's happy with his weight gain, even if he did go up from the 50th to just over 60th percentile. Likes his grub, that boy!

"Is he smiling?" a couple of visits ago. "Aye, from 3 weeks". And those initial smiles that were more like wind grimaces have gone to full on big beaming smiles. I got one at early feed this morning, pet lip was out for the hunger and when he finally decided to open his eyes and saw me he broke off from whinging for a few seconds to give me a massive grin. Then back to whinging.

Understandable, he must have been starving. At exactly 8 weeks old, and on my watch, we got the first full nights sleep. Supper at 20:00 last night, breakfast at 05:45 this morning. Result!

What we are lacking is the recording of such moments, and a lack of photos. Although he had more taken in the first minutes and couple of days than his big brither had, that's where it has dried up. Not much more after that. Daddy must try harder!

07 May 2010

Blooming ridiculous

It's been a while since the last company failed to deliver on our expectations. But we have a new one to add to the list of let-downs. Unlike Tesco, this one is related to the kids!

Blooming Marvellous got £135 worth of order from MOTS, an item for each of our boys and a belated birthday present for Mac. At the time of ordering they were out of stock, all due in 26th April.

26th April came and went, MOTS has just been on the website and they are quoting 28th June. A quick phone call to customer services and the orders are cancelled. We'll get the self same items from John Lewis, in stock, but at slightly higher cost - certainly not worth another 2 month wait.

On the plus side, Play have emailed me to say a DVD I ordered still isn't in stock. That's only a tenner, but if Play can send out emails with updates for small orders then surely BM could for big ones?

Almost 3 months wait - who do they think they are, Nissan??

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