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When you are: July 2010

13 July 2010

[2] All smiles

Starting with the caveat that this is based on limited experience (just like the health claims from L'Oreal's surveys of 74 women, 86% of which said their products are the best thing since sliced bread), I have to say that I have never known a baby smile so much as the wee fella does.

He does get abandoned from time to time, during all waking hours only. We're not that bad at being parents if social services are watching. When he is abandoned he's usually very happy left to his own devices. But see when you return, it's big smiles all round. Not that he's complained about being left while you sort out the carnage also known as his big brother, he's just happy to see you again. Maybe it's the new face he sees, it's been that long since he saw it it's like meeting us for the first time again.

It is great, though, having some glimpse back to a time when the big fella used to be as happy to see us. We have learnt from some mistakes though, well one in particular. We didn't cheer and whoop when he (#2) managed to pull his musical bee on his bouncy chair (this made the big fella cry with fear - the whooping from his parents, not the bee). I think that was a turning point for the first born, so we're treading carefully with the second. If the wee one turns out OK we'll blame the fright of the musical bee on the outcome of all future misdemeanours of the big one. Any excuse.

So yes, at the moment the little one is all smiles, pretty much all the time. But, there is a fear this is not going to last. He's just started chewing multiple fingers at once, and drooling a bit. The nightmare that is teething is starting to cross our minds. Oh well, we can look forward to toothy smiles as we say goodbye to the gummies.

12 July 2010

Time to change...no time to change!

A few more changes are afoot at home, but little time to make or reflect on them. All too cryptic just now, but all will be revealed as time goes on.

Photos - haven't been updated in ages. I'll get on with these when I can.

Development - wee fella is coming along great, again few updates of late.

Health - first clue here in the new tagline.

Hmm, busy, very very busy.

10 July 2010

Driving licence comes of age

My driving licence has come of age. It's 21 years old this weekend! There's something else significant about the day I passed my driving test, a date for which I receive constant reminders whenever I get behind the wheel, but I just can't think what it is.

Maybe it's because exactly 10 years (almost to the minute too) after getting my freedom, I lost it again. Yes, this weekend marked 11 years of MOTS and I enduring tortuous togetherness in matrimonial hell. No wonder it's a damp and miserable weekend.

BTW, our favourite local restaurant is back on form, the food was excellent last night. Fantastic sunset as we walked along the prom, the most amazingly bright rainbow (with a slightly duller pal right to its left), and best of all one very tired 15 week old thanks to him keeping the babysitter up all night (did nothing but smile at her, apparently - what a boy!)

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