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[2] Baby's first...solids

Not strictly true as a title, in more ways than one. Two ways, to be precise.

Oh, enough of these inaccuracies, what's the real story?

First isn't a first, he's had solids before. And solid isn't true either, have you seen Heinz baby rice?

Yes, it has started. The wee fella has had foodstuffs other than baby milk. He had his first shot of Heinz baby rice yesterday afternoon, an experience that went down well. Three out of the four of us thinks the stuff is vile. Which is why we hope that the free sample we got is just enough to see us through the two "meals" that Annabel Karmel uses in her weaning regime. Who would buy that in vast quantities is a question that I cannot event begin to work out. It is gloopy horrible stuff akin with a very poor mix of wallpaper paste. But half as tasty.

"How come it's not his FIRST solids/gloop?", I hear you shout. Well, he has been tried with some other tasty stuff over the last week. I hope I have no social workers or health visitors reading this because his first non-baby milk taste was… Walls Cornetto. Just a little bit on the end of Mummy's little finger. Had a double effect, introduced him to another taste AND had a cooling effect on his swelling gums. Oh yeah, they are on their way.

So, here we have scientific proof that ice cream is multi functional. Who needs Calgel, or Bonjella, when Walls make a perfectly good substitute?


A video of this episode is available on YouTube, but unlisted. For the link please email me!


I've seen the movie - great acting by the little'n, managing smiles between mouthfuls of mush.
You could always mix the tastleless rice with the yummy ice cream and market it as RICE'N ICE. Or how about carrot and ice cream - BABY CARRONETTO?

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