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Careers advice

We've had a proper look tonight at what the big guy wants to do for a career. And after some initial encouragement both parents jumped in, back-tracking, and firmly advised against his chosen career.

The video below is a firm YouTube favourite. A few months ago the big guy would come running whenever he heard the music start up. He loved this video. So much that I think he watched it too much, taking the shine off it.

But it is still listed in my favourites. And tonight, he revisited it. And during the titles told me the bird was coming up with its wings out. And that there were lots of planes, with different colours behind them. Nothing wrong with his memory, as if we needed further evidence of it. Anyway, we watched the video... [enjoy!]

As the planes near the end of their more genteel acrobatics I am informed that the big guy wants to go in that plane. Not any of them, the one second on the right. Want to fly that plane. Wear gloves. And glasses. Pull glasses down like this (using his sunglasses as a prop showing me how to do it).

Well, son, if you want to go in that plane you will need to join the RAF, learn how to fly, and be the best you can be. Sound advice I thought. It was taken on board with a simple "OK".

Crash the planes, Daddy, crash the planes.

We think you may be better suited to an alternative career, son.


Test pilot?

Crash test dummy?

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