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Waste of NHS time & money

Those who ConDemned us to a life of misery post-Labour (isn't it always the case after a Labour government?) are looking for ways to reduce public spending. Well I've got one for you, and that's to remove the completely unnecessary duplication that the NHS has put me through just recently.

There endeth the political angle. Back to the NHS.

It all started a few weeks ago with a visit to the GP...

Who asked some questions. Who got straight answers. Who then asked if I would like to be referred. And got another straight answer. So ran through some information with me, risks etc etc, possible problems, what if I change my mind blah blah blah.

That over, then came the envelope that I'd been waiting for. With some information, some of which the GP had covered already, was my appointment. Alas, I knew in advance it was another "chat", and both MOTS and I had to attend this one.

Watch this DVD, says the nurse. Half an hour watching what the GP had said and I had read in the information sent through. THREE times going over the same stuff. THREE.

And then the nurse comes back in asking questions (to fill in more forms) that the GP had already asked, that I had already filled in on one form. That's an hour of my life my employer will never get back!

All that aside, there was one question that hadn't actually been asked so bluntly before, so it was perhaps only 59 minutes wasted.

And that was "Why do you want a vasectomy?"

Errm, 'cos I just spent money on two number plates for the cars with all four initials on and I don't want to shell out for another pair? Is that a valid answer?


You could have tried:

"...because I don't want the wife to know about all these affairs and one night stands I'm having without protection and I'm so virile I tend to get women pregnant easily, although it's okay because I leave false details and run..."

...and see what her face was like then.

Agree on the duplication though. Working in the Department of Health I saw duplication on a large scale because each of the Trusts operates by itself, duplicating some expensive systems instead of being pulled into one central one. That could have saved my department and saved a lot of money.

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