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When you are: September 2010

23 September 2010

A Monthly Report

Wow, it's been about a month since my last post, and a few things have happened, some things have just got different, and some things have just plain stopped. I'm sure I've missed a whole heap of stuff out here, but a brief run-down of what's been going on is here in this post.

#2 is like Kylie - "I'm spinning around, get out of my way". He's happier on his front now than on his back, mainly because he's doing full 360 turns in the blink of an eye. MOTS has made a makeshift barricade that resembles something you'd expect on the Shankhill Road to keep him to one side and #1's age inappropriate toys out of reach on the other. The building material? Concrete, barbed wire, sentry posts? Alas she did look into these and apparently they are not permitted under current building regulations, so a line of cushions it was. It's only temporary to the point where he can start climbing then the prison, sorry I mean play pen, comes back out.

Talking of climbing we took #1 to the world's largest indoor climbing arena last weekend. He's fantastic at climbing up things - the witches hat in the local park is no match for him any more, and he's way under the target age range for it. At Gulliver's he mastered the mini climbing wall on first attempt, trying his hand at traversing too. And after 6 shots on the Pirate Ship I thought it was pretty amazing considering all I wanted to achieve was to keep my lunch down. The visit to the climbing arena was to visit the soft play area which we hoped would have a climbing wall as an introduction. The wall was there, but very small, and as a soft play venue it was OK but expensive. We won't be going back for another year, but that's no reflection on the facility. What will stop us is the fact that #1 charged past the entrance to the soft play and straight into the main arena, making a direct line for the big walls. He was gutted he wasn't allowed on them. Lessons start at age 5, so a way to go yet. We think it'll be unfair to take him there again until he can go on them. With that MOTS started looking for venues for lessons. The lowest minimum age she found was 3 year olds, but Sunderland is a bit of a hike. Besides, it's targeted lessons, 3 year olds can scale back walls and get in bathroom windows easier than your average Makem.

On the maturity front #1 is doing quite well, we're in a better place just now. He's come home from school today with a clean sweep of happy faces, not a single sad face all week. This is a first and long may it last.

And on the school front I've had my first curriculum meeting tonight. A meet and greet, wine, nibbles type affair. I got to see his "learning story" again, which is a good thing to see, learned a bit more about it and ended up sending some stuff in for it. The main aim was to convey to parents what the objectives in nursery are to set the foundations for going into P1. Objective met, and although the building is quite daunting (as one would expect from one of the biggest, if not the biggest, primary schools in the country) the atmosphere among the staff is something different. #1 will love going up to the "big school" as he calls it. He's going on visits just now, which started out as a punishment but rapidly changed to a reward!

A little wine was had there, which is OK because it's not a school night. Well, not for me anyway, but it is for MOTS. I'm fed up being the sole bread winner so I've given her an ultimatum to get back to work or win the lottery. The chances of winning the lottery are looking significantly better than the Commonwealth Games stadia still standing by the end of it, so with that she's back in work tomorrow and Monday for her "keeping in touch" days. Which means I get to stay at home, look after the kids, go for coffee, have chit-chat at the school gates, have coffee, sit on Facebook. Life of Reilly, I'm looking forward to it.

A spot of brotherly love too, #1 and #2 are getting on like a house on fire. The biggest giggles in the house come from the pair of them when they are interacting with each other. Funny faces galore, it's a happy house that they are making. They are now sharing a bath and splashing each other, #1 knows the routine for #2 being out earlier than he is, leaving him to splash and play for a bit longer. A golden moment of splashing and giggling is immortalised on YouTube (hidden, if you haven't seen it let me know and I'll send you the link).

I've been getting some dedicated time with #2 of late, a little bedtime routine has developed whereby he gets his bottle, then as MOTS does the business end of the nappy change I get to have an in depth conversation with him. He's getting quite chatty, and judging by the wrinkles on his forehead he must be asking his old man to stop talking pisch.

That's about it. More next month, perhaps?

Oh, one final thing. Yes, the dreaded "C" word. Not the one that ryhmes with a certain Forumla One world champion (1976), but one more feared among parents. The one with the Coca-Cola company's devil suit. The marketing men's dream day (no, months…). Yes, it's CHRISTMAS soon. Or so you would think - the shop over the road has had Cadbury's Snowballs in since September 1st, and we have our tickets for the Santa Steam Special - choo-choo! Santa's list is getting bigger by the day, I just hope #1 forgets about everything we've "put" on it. There again, what are the chances of that lottery win again….?

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