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[2] Baby's first...Christmas

And of course #1's FIFTH Christmas. And our first as a complete family. And our first on our own with no extended family. Wow, big changes this year then!

Last night we left out the usual fare for the big fella in the red suit and his army of reindeer. We have had a few practice runs leaving apples in bowls on each stair over the course of the last couple of weeks. When I say each stair I mean until the apples or the bowls run out, which can only mean the poor reindeer at the back of the pack are looking highly likely to miss out.

The big night itself came, and on the fireplace we left:

  • Apples for the reindeer, as uspected in individual bowls. Oh, and plates too so we didn't leave any hungry reindeer
  • A mug of hot chocolate for Santa. He's still tea-total when he comes to this house. But he can't really wash down the biscuit with a fine single malt, can he? Really?

And what did Santa leave us? Messy footprints! And a thank-you for his nibbles.

A certain volume of excitement was building on Christmas Eve. It didn't stop the boys from sleeping, they both like their sleep too much. Which meant we had a good lie-in, not bad for Christmas morning, 08:30. Even when up there was something amiss. We got up, headed downstairs, took at right and into the kitchen, had breakfast, cleared up. Are we sure we have got the right day here?

And there it is, a bursting into the lounge, eyes agog, and....

Who left those footprints?

Never mind the big stash under the tree, there are footprints on the carpet don't you know? And they need clearing up. Eventually, and before the hoover came out, the stash was spotted. The dawning of realisation, yes, he's been , we have presents, it's..... CHRISTMAS

And queue frenzy!

As an older brother #1 was very helpful. He was so keen to help show his little bruv what to do that he repeated the help over and over. Never sure whether it was getting through, he was so keen to demonstrate time and again. Even to the point of showing the little one how to play with his toys. You don't want to play with them yourself when I can, that's too much effort, here let me. Selfless that #1 boy, selfless.

So there we had it. Our first Christmas morning with just our immediate family. The usual lunch though, my request for fish fingers and sprouts didn't go down well, so we had the usual spread.

Just one question left at the end of the day:

Are we buying shares in Duracell?
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