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Three B Week

We've had a very interesting couple of weeks. What with barfing, building, burning… it's all been happening.

Rules is rules
Barfing: #2 son has had a bug that's been doing the rounds, which in hindsight MOTS and I have had too. #1 got away with it, which was good. MOTS had a mild dose, and it hit me hard enough for me to only have half of my curry on a night out with work. And let's face it, me not finishing my curry is a monumental disaster. Not to mention that #2 was poorly (nowhere near as bad as some of his plas in nursery who ended up at the Sick Kids), but a wasted curry??

Grandma got it from #2 son, so that'll be a be a biological export then! That's the barfing covered. Covered Grandma, that is.

Will look great
when the scaffold
comes down
Building: Man needs shed /* said in Neolithic voice */ Ugg, shed. It's all part of the grand master plan, a 7'x5' pent shed with tongue & groove fascia will be arriving this afternoon. It is going to be built in a very convenient location, only 2 foot away from our outside plug socket. Which means… the beer fridge can be switched ON in there. Whoo-hoo! I sold it to MOTS as some sort of external storage facility to house some of the junk in the garage when that has to get cleared out for the garage conversion we have planned for next year. But I have other ideas, at the next BBQ it will house the bar. The base has been dug out, gravelled and bearers laid and ready to build the new shed on. It's all over bar the delivery.

Building 2: For the last 9 months or so I have been stashing some cash aside, initially without MOTS' knowledge, to replace the swing set we had given a couple of years ago. Surprisingly, this medium term plan actually got followed through. Most of our medium term plans never get off the ground, so this one is rather unique! The kit has been in the garage for a few weeks and construction started at the weekend just past. #1 was gutted when his old set got taken down, but now the new one has the scaffolding up it's a whole new attitude. He's directing me on which bits to build next, and what has to be built first, so I can see him being a site manager. Not that I'd want to live in any house he built though! Just watch, that will come back to haunt me when he does turn out to be a builder and he builds our retirement bungalow by the coast.

Another drama
Burning: #1 isn't what we would describe as "easy" to deal with. School have their own word for him. As it is approaching the end of term we've had a couple of emails back & forth with school and on Tuesday we were feeling very positive, things are going in the right direction, and we had high hopes to a good finish to the term. A burning desire you might say. Not an alarming proposition, one might agree. The staff at the private nursery picked him up from school as usual, but from a different room as there had been a fire alarm and evacuation of his building. And that meant his chart wasn't available, the chart that offers daily feedback, but the news from school was everything was fine, all happy faces. So as #1 headed down the corridor and past the fire alarm and said "I pulled that down at school" the heart sank. At school it is right beside his coat peg, so is an easy target. Nursery staff told us that the teachers hadn't said anything, so it looks like they didn't know. Well, they will this morning when they read my email. We had a long chat, which ended with a big sorry, a promise never to do it again (promise offered, not asked for), #1 saying himself he was in big trouble, going to bed with no story or self reading time and him not even asking for kisses and cuddles. And the first thing he said to MOTS this morning was he didn't have a story and his light on because he was in big trouble.

That's it for the moment, we're all looking forward to having a couple of weeks off work in the run up to Easter, which will be the first family time we've had since October really. With general family life being in turmoil since the start of December, and the loss of Snoopy redirecting efforts, we're just starting to look at normality again, so hopefully this two weeks will be as relaxing as we hope. Perhaps a trip to the fire station might go on the to-do list. Please, no…...

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