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A life sentence

Today marks the day for MOTS that we have been together for half of her life. I would never have known that fateful night in the Hotspur that we would have two boys at this stage in life. A lucky walk to Marlborough Crescent bus station is to be thanked for the boys very existence, even if the bus station has long gone.

Comments are open on this topic. I value your input, shared experiences etc. My sons and heirs have asked that I don't do anything that could land me in court and financially broke, giving their inheritance to blood-sucking lawyers, so if you don't mind I'll block any comments that go against their wishes. If there is a comment here that could get me in trouble with them, please let me know.

Posts and comments with my name against them are my opinions, and should not be used in any financial decision making. I am not regulated by the FSA. Your home is not at risk for leaving a comment. Any comments by others are not my opinions, but that of the person kind enough to be here.
BTW, the comment regarding blood-sucking lawyers is my opinion, which may be shared by others. Although probably not by lawyers, I suspect.

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