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25 December 2010

[2] Baby's first...Christmas

And of course #1's FIFTH Christmas. And our first as a complete family. And our first on our own with no extended family. Wow, big changes this year then!

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08 November 2010

[2] Baby's first...tooth (eventually)

It's been a long time coming, but after 7 months and 21 days #2's first tooth has finally unwrapped itself from his gum this morning and exposed itself to the fresh Scottish air, just in time for the family trip to the dentist tonight. All smiles, but now different smiles.

That's quite a few weeks of symptoms to get this far - gumming down on things, Calgel / Bonjela tubes being emptied at a high rate, thru'penny bits (nasty…), red cheeks, but when it finally appeared it was a non-event. This boy really is his big brother's clone.

26 August 2010

[2] Baby's first...solids

Not strictly true as a title, in more ways than one. Two ways, to be precise.

Oh, enough of these inaccuracies, what's the real story?

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10 February 2010

Baby's first…Homework

Boy wonder got his first homework from school the weekend before last. And like this post, it was late.

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25 January 2010

Baby's first...Cinema trip.

For only the second time since junior arrived, MOTS and I are going to
the cinema. Johnny Depp was the last person we went to see before
junior arrived, and was also the first we went to see after he arrived
(in the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean instalments). And
some 3 years later we're going to the cinema again. The stars this time
will be Scrat, Sid, Diego.... And, as the wee fella describes their
rather large friend, "elephant in the snow". Ice Age 3, here we come...

14 November 2009

Baby's first...Theeaytor trip

Spiffing, dahhling
Spiffing, dahhling, vunderbar, encore! Actually there wasn't an encore, not unless you count the dodging of the swampies on the way out, protesting about something or other.

Our first theatre trip, with the Gents, went surprisingly well.

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28 October 2009

Baby's first...Day at school

Today is a monumentous day. It is the first day of ante-pre-school.


Don't get me started, yes I know as well as anybody else does that "ante" means "pre", "before". As in ante-natal (before birth), ante-meridian (aka AM, aka morning, aka before noon). So what on earth is this pre-pre-school business? It's the Scottish Government's pledge for all 3 year olds to have 12.5 hours of informal education, something before formal nursery (just one pre in pre-school) starts.

And that day has come...

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08 July 2009

Baby's first...full dressing

There's always been a little help in the dressing department, well "always" feels like it but it's not really. We've had help with putting clothes on, more success at taking them off, but tonight was a first full bedtime dressing on his own!

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11 December 2008

Baby's first...proper conversation

This morning I had what I consider to be the first proper conversation with my son. Sure we have questions and answers, and up to three word sentences. While this wasn't a conversation about the state of the global economy, nor was it totally interactive, bi-directional, a true dialogue.

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14 July 2008

Baby's first...Christening

It had to happen, I don't recall having discussed religion before but here we have it. It had to happen some time, the boy has been to a Christening. In a church, no less.

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22 May 2008

Baby's first...Home Alone

It's almost 3 weeks now since we left our boy home alone for the first time.

And before social services kick up a fuss, we had legitimate reason - we were out getting drunk.

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Baby's first...Nursery report

It was parents night recently and we got the boy's first real report. MOTS when down to get the news, I feared it would be a "please see the head" type moment, but what she came back with was more than pleasing.

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10 April 2008

Baby's first...Gold Star

The little fella got his first Gold Star yesterday at nursery. I have no idea, nor do I care, how this rates with when others get their first Gold Star. All I care about is he got his, and that makes me proud.

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06 February 2008

Baby's in babies

I had an interesting day at work today, feeling rather sarcastic in a reply over what a particular error message meant. Then, as with the title of this post, the clue is in the message / title.

So we're talking about baby's first bath, right?

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10 January 2008

Swimming in circles

It's just over two years now since the little fella first arrived on the scene. MOTS was knocked up just before Christmas 2005, and with a possibility of impending arrival becoming more of a question mark while we had visitors, the test was delayed until after the New Year of 2006 once we were alone again. In that two years there has been a remarkable development, which takes him full circle to exactly where he was then. But now, not then. Oh read on and see what I'm babbling on about.

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28 November 2007

Baby's first...parent's evening

Always one parents will dread is parents evening, will Little Johnny be the disruptive one, or will he turn out to be teacher's pet? Will he be looked upon by other in the same way his parents do? Can he do no wrong in our eyes but be a little git in reality?

So we invented "parents evenings" to find out the truth. Or so it seems.

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09 November 2007

Baby's first...second things

We're onto the first lot of Baby's second... This is a frightening thought, especially as we head rapidly towards his second Christmas.

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07 September 2007

Baby's first...Holiday

The first family holiday has been booked for quite a while, and we'd invited the Bowes along for good measure, sanity, and a sneak peek into the life and times of a two-and-a-half year old. So what did we get up to, and more importantly did the little 'un enjoy it?

First holiday, first night away from home, first steps just before going, first time leaving the house without enough food packed to see us through 'til we get home. Surely it was a disaster?

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22 August 2007

Happy birthday son!

Birthday? Already? Blimey...

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21 August 2007

The unique horror that was the first birthday party

In The Unique Horror post about the forthcoming birthday party we discussed the options for the MO for the day. Now it's over and done with what was it really like?

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Baby's first...[list in here]

We've got a whole heap of firsts coming up this next couple of weeks, hopefully the walking will be one of them. Now we're getting more and more steady on our feet the boy has decided to be adventerous and started jumping too. And without the aid of holding onto furniture!

As he's not in nursery now for almost a fortnight we're expecting him to go back walking, they did comment tonight that he was so desperate to get on the move and that he really was standing on his own a lot today. So it's not just our wishful thinking then!

Hopefully plenty to report on soon. I'll let him get his birthday out of the way first!

06 August 2007

Baby's first...bus arrivals?

You wait all year for a bus then 3 come along at once. Or so the old saying goes.

We have been waiting for the boy to take his first step and, like the preverbial buses, he managed three in one go.

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01 August 2007

If you're happy and you know it

With all the recent excitement (if excitement is the right word) we sort of missed out on the real goings-on this weekend, and that was the next step in learning to copy what mum & dad do.

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15 July 2007

Daddy's first...Trip away from home

I've just had my first trip away from home, so my first night away from Junior. Almost 11 months now, and with MOTS having had hers what seems like ages ago, it was my turn to enjoy a night away.

Apart from I was at work, at the office in the Village.

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17 June 2007

Daddy's first...Father's Day

Happy father's day out there to all dads, especially to the first timers like myself, and those not quite there but know they'll be celebrating it next year. For those in the latter category, ie Graham, congratulations!

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29 May 2007

Baby's first...Steps

What exactly counts as a first step? I have no idea. Is it when one foot goes in front of the other, regardless of external help? Or is it when unaided by parents but steadied by a walker? Or when there's NOTHING else to hang onto? Or when the steps are made after getting off the floor without help too? Too many options.


We're past the one foot in front of the other stage while holding on to parental fingers. I'll just keep up to date and hopefully declare a "first step" only when we see fit.

Baby's first...Day in nursery

Monday 21st May saw Junior's first day in nursery. With MOTS' return to work imminent there's some time between the start of nursery and the return to work, just to help the transition.

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06 May 2007

Grand Day Out

A truly mixed bag of things going on this Bank Holiday Weekend. All ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, monumentous occassions, and complete and utter disasters. And three awards coming out of it, too. One of the awards has been specially commisssioned and makes its debut.

And like an Oscar acceptance speech, this is a long one...

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03 May 2007

Baby's first...tooth

It's been while coming, given the date of the first post on the warning signs of the first tooth, but it's finally here.

So what has the journey been like so far?

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17 April 2007

Baby's first...Certificate

Junior has got his first certificate! Nothing special, but a certificate nonetheless.

He attended his first "Sing and Sign" session this week and loved it. So, that'll be him signed up to the full classes then!

Link here.

11 April 2007

Baby's first...flight

It’s been a busy week of it over Easter, and only now, on Wednesday afternoon, have we truly got the place to ourselves again. It’s also been a weekend of firsts, again, culminating in baby’s first flight.

Well, when I say flight, he’s been on a plane. It never moved an inch though!

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29 January 2007

Baby's first...Solids

There could only be two topics of conversation when the word “solids” is involved, and both are at opposite ends of the digestive system. Tonight’s topic is, thankfully, entry-level.

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21 January 2007

It's a rollover!

Just a quick post for the record today. We've had our first rollover, from tummy to back, yesterday afternoon. And Daddy missed it 'cos he was out in the garage tearing his hair out trying to "tidy up".

This does open up a whole new world though...

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15 January 2007

Mummy & Daddy's first...nights out

It had to happen eventually, and I'm surprised it's taken this long to be honest. Mummy & Daddy have had their first nights out without junior, which also make them "Baby's first...nights in"

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30 December 2006

Baby's first...Christmas

Baby's first Christmas is something special, something to treasure, as it will never happen again. "Don't go to any trouble" was the stereo request from both Grandmothers. Aye, no more than usual, considering we'll have a queue of babysitters. Got to take advantage!

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05 December 2006

Baby's first...tooth?

The time comes when that happy smiling face turns into the red face of the devil incarnate. And that is called teething.

Junior is showing some of the symptoms just now, with a bit of dribbling, desire to constantly suck and chew his hands, flush cheeks, irritable for no reason, sleep patterns not quite right (although he is sleeping a solid 8 hour night).

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30 November 2006

Baby's first...stone

Most folk do this the opposite way at WeightWatchers® but for any parent it's a milestone and a half.

The first stone...

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08 November 2006

Baby's first...million

Junior’s well on his way to his first million. At only 11 weeks old I can’t believe just how much cash he’s got. And of course it’s being well looked after. Well, some of it is.

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01 November 2006

Baby's first...Hallowe'en

November 1st is All Saints Day. Just like April 23rd is St George's, March 1st for St David's, November 30th for St Andrew's, and just to keep the Irish happy, March 17th for Paddy's. So what was the significance of and "All Saints" day? Well, it was a Church attempt to control the masses, to convert them form their Celtic past, to make them "turn" to Christ. Just like Christmas then.

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19 October 2006

Baby's first...Jabs

So that's the first eight weeks of Junior's life come to a close, and with it opens up a whole new chapter. And that chapter is sharp, comes with potential side effects, but is life saving.

What we're talking about is the infant immunisation programme.

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06 October 2006

Baby's first...6 week review

The first six week review? That implies there will be more, as in "the second six week review". But how can we have a second six week review when he'll never see six weeks again? It's just like trying to explain to a 31 year old that they are closer to forty than thirty. They'll see forty, but will never see thirty again, QED they are closer to forty.

So now we've done with the mathematical semantics, how's he done?

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01 October 2006

Baby's first...Weekend of firsts

This weekend has been a weekend crammed full of "Baby's firsts", so here's a summary of what's gone on.

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23 September 2006

Baby's first...Starbucks

Whether or not you like the virus like spread of the Starbucks coffee shops, they have become a focal point within towns and cities here as much as the other side of the pond.

So is it a good thing or a bad thing? Well, Junior had his first Starbucks (experience) this morning, and I'm pleased to say it went very well.

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17 September 2006

Baby's match

Saturday saw a huge milestone, baby's first football match. I was gutted at not taking him two weeks ago, but the rain was just too heavy. We'd arrange for Chris & Sarah to come down and share the experience (to be honest I think Chris just has a thing for the pies), but it was a washout.

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14 September 2006

Baby's first...Smile

During the pregnancy The Fat Lady was unsure about foetal movement in the early stages of the weeks that are normal to start feeling it, but I was sure I had felt the baby before she was as sure. How? I used to pin my ears to the bump (though at that stage there was no bump to speak of) and could hear fluid gurgling. I got a definite movement in the ear one night that The Fat Lady hadn’t felt. Will the development continue in this way in “the outside world”?

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02 September 2006

Baby's first...proper outing

At 11 days old, Junior had his first planned outing. Two of them to be precise.

The first was to watch the local football team get hammered by the visiting opponents, as is the norm for our side. However, the rain was just too much, and we never made it. We don't know if the game was even played, it really was wet.

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