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26 November 2009

Unwinding the undone

What's the difference between a pregnant woman and a lightbulb?

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29 September 2009

Potentially offline for a while

I'm changing domain registrar so may be offline while the transfer takes place. If there is an outage hopefully it won't be for long. And I hope I don't miss the email from eBuyer saying I've won a new car!!

03 September 2008

Blog: Chrome trim

I'll be downloading Chrome tonight for a play around with, there may be some changes to the blog layout coming up over the next few weeks / months to suit it if necessary. And it's about time I changed the banner, Crich has featured there for almost a year now, so time to look at something else I think. Watch this space.

15 August 2008

Thunderbird replies & forwarding

For ages I've grappled with the fact that when replying to emails using Thunderbird you don't get the original email's details regarding sent timestamp. In Thunderbird there seems to be a "Outlook does it so we won't" attitude, but this is one that is really useful for auditing, to track threads of emails (especially when about to submit formal complaints to governing bodies).

And then, with a quick look on the old tinternet, I came across the answer.

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06 June 2008

Blog: Spam comments on the up

I've recently seen the number of spam comments on the increase, and worryingly a high number getting through the MT plugins. So, as a temporary measure until I look at why the MT plugins are no longer as good at filtering this crap and fix it, I have made the settings a little tighter on what is automatically published. Which means even comments from trusted commenters may be delayed.

11 November 2007

MT4 beta gone, long live 4.01?

I've upgraded MT from 4 (beta) to 4.01 (full release) and hit upon a problem with dynamic publishing. This will mean the "last 10 comments" section in the right hand side there will show "last 10 comments since the main page was last rebuilt".


Anyway, hopefully will be back up and running with dynamic publishing soon, if not I'll just have to keep on rebuilding regularly.

25 October 2007

Drought of new posts, drought of new pictures too

And for those with access to the album, there's a heap of new pictures up since his birthday. There's an issue my host is looking at whereby any address drops the www part and reloads the page, so you may be asked twice for your password - don't worry, you didn't type it wrong.

There are 3 categories of newer pictures on page 2, so please look there as well. At this rate I'll need to increase my hosting package with the space he's going to take up!

09 September 2007

Blog outage

The blog database is giving me problems at the moment, some posts are "lost", but accessible from the archives. Hang in there while I fix it.

17:40 - Fixed, all should be OK again. Due to database issues with beta version of MT.

08 June 2007

MT4 beta upgrade coming up

Thanks, Richard, saw on the FOB that there's an MT 4 beta on the go. I'll get this up and running so the blog may be a little unpredictable for a few days while I upgrade and configure and generally get used to it. I'll post a comment when it's complete.

27 February 2007

SPAM from

If you've come here because you've received an email from some random address and want to stick it to me for sending you SPAM, rest assured you've got the wrong guy.

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22 January 2007

Movable Type upgrade 3.34

Essential works
Another upgrade is available for Movable Type, so expect a short outage at some stage later this week when I upgrade.

06 October 2006

MT upgrade coming up

Essential works
I'm upgrading Moveable Type from 3.2 to 3.3 shortly, as recommended by SixApart.

As a result I expect some downtime on Wednesday 11th October while I do this, so will have a temporary page up while the site is unavailable and updates will be kept on there. During this time any directly linked pages will either have comments turned off or will be removed. I haven't looked at the upgrade too closely, but it doesn't look a complex one at all, so only a small outage expected.

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18 September 2006

Category Changes

I've added a new category, as a result a couple of previous posts have moved from the generic "Dads" to the new "Baby's first". There will be a lot of "baby's first" type posts, so I thought it best to have a new category for all of these.

A couple of posts have also changed title and URL just to keep up with the category changes, all there in the "Baby's first" category now.

15 September 2006

Reader becoming a dad!

In true radio phone-in style I have a "long time listener, first time caller" on the line. One of my foreign readers has been in touch to say he's recently found out he's going to be a dad (many congratulations). Hopefully, if we can get through the language barrier, and if he's willing and able, I'll be asking him to post up the entries I never had chance to given I never got the blog going until MOTS was in the third trimester. If it all works out we may have some dual posting going on - sets for earlier pregnancy and sets for my little 'uns progress.

09 August 2006

Search engine hits

Just looking at my stats from my host and see the following hits against search phrases. Two stand out:

dixons stock_query
Errm, how?
kids having sex
I know how this has come up, from the posts Having kids, got cats and What's the sex. Sorry, not that kinda site...

23 July 2006

Blog "offline" for a few days

The blog will be "offline" for a few days. It'll still be there, but I'm turning comments off, not adding any new entries etc. This is to get a static point as I move to a proper host, then it'll be up 24x7.

I have no idea when it'll be back - this will be once I've transferred the templates, rebuilt it, added the customised stylesheet entries, and removed the full paths to images in favour of relative paths (don't ask me why I did this in the first place...)

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17 July 2006

Layout changes afoot

I'm in the process of laying out individual archive indexes and pages ready for other content, so some pages may still be two column, some three, so there will be some inconsistency for a while between pages. At least I've now widened them all without trashing the individual pages!

Things still to do:
Colours - this blue looks like a cross between Windows 3.1 and an ice-pop.
Content - Content for the side bars to think about.
Banner - On the lookout for a half-decent banner.

07 July 2006

Learning CSS & MT in one go

Before I started this test blog ( I call it test 'cos I don't know if it will live and breath in the real world just yet) I hadn't even looked at a Cascading Stylesheet before. With Richard giving me some encouragement to get on with it I've looked at how MT hangs together, and with the changes I've made so far it's been a bit of a steep learning curve.

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27 June 2006

Nagging over...

Well, after months of nagging from Richard I've finally got a test Blog up and running.

So far it's on a server that is up and down like a whore's drawers, but then it's only for me to play around with at the moment. Depending on how things go I might create a whole new blog somewhere else, export this one over, or there again I might just give it up. But I've had plenty of encouragement (aka nagging) from Rich, so I might just have a bash.