Where you are: Well Done!

14 June 2009


We have a common saying at the moment, and that is triggered by a visual cue. That is a vapour trail, 2 or four of them depending on how many engines are producing them, resulting in the phrase

Plane in the sky!

And more recently we have been waving at the pilots, like the train drivers, but from 37,000 feet it's a bit difficult for them to see or be seen.

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30 March 2009

A great weekend

It's been all go this weekend, with visitors up from Yorkshire. There's only one true Yorkshireman among them - one Southerner, one Manc, and one proper Yorkie who doesn't know his true and proper heritage yet - but he will when he's old enough!! With enough to keep the two young lads (and their offspring) happy all weekend it's been a great few days.

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14 December 2008

Doped up on smack

That's it, I'll get the whack around the ear from MOTS right now, get it over and done with.

There, that's better. Now a full explanation over who, what and why a class A drug comes into things. And why this class A drug brought about a great day out yesterday.

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29 March 2008

T5: Return of the flights

As the chaos at Heathrow hits day 3 this morning, I can say I was one of those caught up in it all yesterday on the way home. The longest I'd been away from my boy since he arrived, and I was desperate to get home. So how did T5 and BA do?

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26 December 2007

All aboard...

I was sat here yesterday, on Christmas Day, wondering what I hadn't posted. A topic that had slipped my mind. What was it?

The arrival yesterday of the 10:45 Mallard service from Darton Central didn't remind me, nor did the MIL's tale of Grand Central's maiden voyage from Sunderland to London resulting in a breakdown and no further service (poor sods only have one train). I have no idea why, but there was a train from Plymouth to Edinburgh running yesterday, and it was the sight of that the reminded me. Yes, Junior met Santa the other weekend!

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07 September 2007

Holestone Moor Barns

We had our first family holiday at Holestone Moor Barns, with the Bowes family kindly coming along to help keep us on the straight and narrow.

So where did we go, and how was it? Was it suitable for us? With two young children in tow? And one of those just on his feet?

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06 May 2007

Grand Day Out

A truly mixed bag of things going on this Bank Holiday Weekend. All ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, monumentous occassions, and complete and utter disasters. And three awards coming out of it, too. One of the awards has been specially commisssioned and makes its debut.

And like an Oscar acceptance speech, this is a long one...

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19 December 2006

Suppliers - Moans & Praise (Part 3 - Christmas Special)

It's that time of year for the Christmas Specials, so who has won the wallet awards and who just scraps around for the change?

Find out in the Alder's Tone Christmas Winners & Losers Awards. Don't get excited, no long speaches, no tears on stage, no thanking Auntie Betty's dog's trainer's cousin's maid for looking after the tea.

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23 September 2006

Baby's first...Starbucks

Whether or not you like the virus like spread of the Starbucks coffee shops, they have become a focal point within towns and cities here as much as the other side of the pond.

So is it a good thing or a bad thing? Well, Junior had his first Starbucks (experience) this morning, and I'm pleased to say it went very well.

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24 July 2006

Baby suppliers - moans & praise (Part 2)

Part 2 of the moans and praise "franchise". I must ask Richard what constitutes a "franchise" in the movie world (eg Pirates of the Carribean) when a "franchise" may have the same production team....

I digress. As seen in M&P Part 1 (NOT to be confused with M&P of the Mamas & Papas trademark variety) I had the bar raised on customer service by Glasgow Pram Centre. Well, this weekend it was held up there, possibly creeping higher. Hence their very own entry!

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14 July 2006

Baby suppliers - moans & praise (Part 1)

Baby products are big business, so shouldn’t companies who sell baby products be geared up for excellent customer service in order to win repeat business? So far we can’t fault a number of stores, but then there’s others, large and small, that need to learn a thing or two about customer service.

So who are the winners and losers in our world?

As one of the winners is on the back of a loser, I’ll go for the losers first. No doubt there will be many more along the way, hence this is “Part 1”.

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28 June 2006

Life on the ocean(?) wave...

Recently had a week with a boat from Snaygill and have been more than impressed.

We managed to get from Skipton up to the summit level into Lanacashire (spit), through the Foulridge tunnel, turned about, into Shipley and back to base within the week. That's 50-odd sets of locks, too many swing bridges, 7 days of glorious sunshine and 4 chilled-out people.

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