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31 May 2010

l'auto est arrivée

Well it does have French family after all. Besides, Japanese isn't my best subject.

Yes, Squishy is being picked up as this post goes live. And any second now the timer will stop, and I'll remove it later.

14 May 2010

Sunderwagon soon

New date for the new Sunderwagon to arrive - May 28th @ dealer. Not long now, eh Ethel?

PS - New countdown going to expected delivery... seen it yet?

31 March 2010

Useful/less products

Having been through all this baby lark once before we know which products worked for us and which didn't. We have bought very little for the second one, but here's one that will be useful for them both.

Your order for Sunshine On Leith (Reissue) - The Proclaimers has been posted.

Brilliant! Can't recommend it enough!

06 December 2009

Now, the end is near, as I drive my final coupe

The hunt for a new car is still on, and since the last update things have changed a bit, thanks in part to the test drives, magazines (including the odd car magazine) and visits to showrooms.

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23 October 2009

Hunt for Red Octavia

The new car quest continues, with apologies to Messrs Connery & Baldwin. If that means nothing to you then ask Mr Filmstalker, he'll put you in the picture.

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14 September 2009

[2] Looking for a new car - groundhog day has started

It had to happen, and it's happened now. We're having to revisit the old task of looking for a replacement vehicle due to the expanding family.

When MOTS said goodbye to her Bug in favour of an American piece of gutless scrap we didn't consider the possibility of a second. Which meant our requirements were OK with the hatchback. But now, with a boot full to the brim last month for camping and the very real event of needing additional space for number 2's gear, we are not going to manage to travel with just the hatch or the saloon. We are entering a new world, that of the ESTATE.

Next I'll be wearing cord patches on my elbows. An ESTATE? Me? Oh no, what have I become? Never before in a car brochure have I read how many litres of fresh air is in the boot, but it's now target number 1. Oh, how things change!! And with a tighter budget for a bigger car this is going to be a big challenge.

21 August 2008

Ready for bed?

On the eve of his second birthday, the boy's shown us that he's well and truly ready to move out of his cot and into a bed.

He's been showing us all week to be fair, but tonight was a clear line drawn in the sand.

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11 August 2008

Have travel system, will... travel?

The second most important purchase you're ever likely to make is your car.

Unless you buy a 57' narrowboat like I have my eye on - unfortunately that's all that's on one, my wallet is a little light in that respect.

So is the travel system the second most important purchase you'll make for the little one? Or the single most important thing?

From the "must-be-seen-to-be-splashing-cash" brigade, forking out a King's ransom on a pram or buggy, through the "last-year's-colours-so-what" type and on to the re-use and second hand markets, one thing is for sure. Your choice directly impacts on the environment.


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06 December 2007

Buy ICI shares

Just a little bit of investment advice. If your pension fund has gone down the tubes thanks to the pillaging it got from Gordon Brown, then here's a sure-fire way to make money:

Buy ICI shares.

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01 April 2007

Filmstalkers of the future

Now here's a good idea. MOTS picked up a leaflet in the changing room in a leading supermarket yesterday. In this instance this is a good thing, as MOTS came across a service she did not know about but would find useful. In that respect the advertising has worked, unusually.

And the service? Odeon's "Newbie" screenings.

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08 November 2006

Baby's first...million

Junior’s well on his way to his first million. At only 11 weeks old I can’t believe just how much cash he’s got. And of course it’s being well looked after. Well, some of it is.

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28 October 2006

Algebra in parenthood

Can you remember the formulae for calculating the area and circumference of a circle from the radius? Working it backwards? Did you ever think at school "this is a waste of time"?

Well, it is vital you know how to do this when looking at playpens. I kid you not!

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18 October 2006

Lets get a travel buggy car seat

No doubt about it, it has got to be the most confusing purchase you will make as you prepare for your kids birth. What will it travel in, be it pram, buggy or car seat. Do you go for seperates and have a pram, then move onto a buggy, have car seat and then another in 9 months for when it outgrows its first...or do you go for a "Travel System". Like Transfomers these are in disguise! It's a pram, it's a buggy AND a car head hurts, lets go home...

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13 August 2006

Focus on the Future

My beloved Bug is no more. It’s going, after almost 5 years it’s time to say goodbye. We have a total of 17 days left to say our fond farewells before we get our new Focus Sport.

So, Focus on the Future. Pathetic pun, given we have two new arrivals due just days apart. Scary stuff! The pun, not the impending arrival, that’s petrifying.

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30 July 2006

New car - ongoing search

It’s no secret we’re looking for a more practical car. I still love my Bug, but it’s just giving too many doubts with the shape of the boot over whether or not the pram will go in it. So far the thought scores are:

Will it? 0
Won’t it? 10,657,342

So what have we ruled out so far?

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24 July 2006

Baby suppliers - moans & praise (Part 2)

Part 2 of the moans and praise "franchise". I must ask Richard what constitutes a "franchise" in the movie world (eg Pirates of the Carribean) when a "franchise" may have the same production team....

I digress. As seen in M&P Part 1 (NOT to be confused with M&P of the Mamas & Papas trademark variety) I had the bar raised on customer service by Glasgow Pram Centre. Well, this weekend it was held up there, possibly creeping higher. Hence their very own entry!

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17 July 2006

There's no bigger adventure (Part 2)

As far as a potential new car goes I've already said the jury is out on the Nissan Note due to a lack of testing on the car seat we've bought. It's a good job we don't live in Wakefield, because there's one salesman at Harrat's who talks out of his arse.

So do most salesmen, but this one took the biscuit.

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14 July 2006

Baby suppliers - moans & praise (Part 1)

Baby products are big business, so shouldn’t companies who sell baby products be geared up for excellent customer service in order to win repeat business? So far we can’t fault a number of stores, but then there’s others, large and small, that need to learn a thing or two about customer service.

So who are the winners and losers in our world?

As one of the winners is on the back of a loser, I’ll go for the losers first. No doubt there will be many more along the way, hence this is “Part 1”.

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28 June 2006

Fatherhood: The Truth

The only book I’ll ever read on being a father is Marcus Berkmann’s “Fatherhood The Truth”.

It’s comedy, tragedy, documentary. Yes, it shamefully tries to be everything except a medical manual, and manages quite well.

The pages are packed with insightful information on what do expect during and after the pregnancy, complications, how to deal with them, urges, feelings, fending off untimely visitors.

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27 June 2006

There's no bigger adventure than having kids

So if you've seen any block of adverts on ITV in the last 3 months you'll have seen the Nissan Note is the only car you'll ever need. Unless you're prone to forgetting the baby.

And so far the jury is out as far as Nissan are concerned.

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Jazz it up

So here starts the new dads guide to buying a new car.

Stick with the one you've got.

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